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If you have devoted your time and energy to helping and serving others, then these offerings are for you. I work with all clinical and non-clinical backgrounds to dive deeper into better client and patient care.

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Interpret Normal Labs for Optimal Health course

Yes, we're biased, but this functional research-based course is the easiest, most user-friendly yet chocked full of immediately actionable and useful information course you will find!

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Whether you need help with the clinical wellness side, you want to build a new virtual practice or even build passive profit in your business or clinic, this is for you!

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  • Detailed patient implementation guide

  • Complete pre-program guidance & preparation materials

  • Individual dietary transition instructions for the full 45-day elimination phase

  • An optional 2-week detox

  • Step-by-step reintroduction plan

  • Numerous never seen before PDFs and client handouts


and much more...

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