2022 Class Pass

Also makes a GREAT gift of health!

For the 1st time ever -- and maybe the only time, enjoy UNLIMITED online Wellness Program classes for the entire year without the investment of a full program!

You are invited to any and all of these virtual LIVE group classes as often you would like for the entire year.
You also have access to our bonus workshops and classes that aren't listed here. 


We will discuss macronutrients, micronutrients, sugar, water, is organic really worth it and so much more!

Vitamins & Supplements

We will discuss what to look for in a quality vitamin and supplement and what some popular ones are.

Toxins & Chemicals

We will discuss a variety of environmental toxins and review other toxins and chemicals that we have touched on elsewhere in our group class schedule and why it matters that we avoid them.

Kitchen & Home

We will discuss environmental (toxin) concerns in our house, where they can be hiding as well as cooking methods and more.

Mindset & Self-care

We will discuss why mindset matters, how to have a positive one, and the importance of self-care.

Gut Health & Autoimmunity

We will discuss the anatomy of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract, how it affects our health and how it is connected to autoimmune conditions.

Personal Care

Where chemicals are hiding in our personal care, what the effects are and how we can switch over to more natural and/or clean products.

Total Wellness

This is a very broad class covering many topics such as the sun, the importance of light, grounding, and EMF's and more.

Hormones &
Chronic Disease

We will discuss xenoestrogens, and other hormones along with diabetes, high cholesterol, and more.

This is unprecedented access to Dr. Jill and the Innovate Wellness team with the education of a full program.

This is over a $2200 value for ONLY $499

Limited to the first 12 people who contact us! 
(2-pay payment plans available at 2 months x $275)

You will be in the same classes as our program members learning the same empowering lifestyle education.

Save 75%

This is your opportunity for a DIY wellness makeover. The content is created by our very own Dr. Jill White a holistic-nutrition trained pharmacist who understands mindset and adult learning principles. You will walk away with actionable knowledge to change your life.

How to Claim your spot:
Text "Class Pass" to us at 405-529-5683 or
Email "Class Pass" in the subject to support@innovatewellness.com

(If you want the 2-monthly payments of $275 put that in the message.)
We will send you an invoice.
Once paid you are IN and we will contact you to enroll you in classes!

We can't wait to SEE you in class.

The fine print:

  • We break our live virtual classes into 9 topic sessions which rotate (seen above) and have at least 1 class per week most weeks of the year starting Jan 3, 2022.

  • We often take a break during December and a few weeks during the summer or other eventful weeks but finish with about 44 weeks of classes each year.

  • Our class days and times may change each 9-week session, and more classes may be offered at any time.

  • You can request the recording if you are not able to attend live, but we really aim to have you there to learn in real-time and participate!

  • You are also invited to all of our workshops and masterclasses that are TBD!

  • There are no refunds available for this deeply discounted offer. Please do not distribute any recordings of the classes.