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This course is for you if:

  • You have kicked around the idea of putting your patients or clients on an elimination diet but aren't certain how to go about doing it

  • You've considered doing an elimination diet but don't know exactly what steps to take or are worried about the reintroduction of foods

  • You have tried to implement an elimination diet in the past without success

  • You are interested in expanding your nutrition repertoire

  • You want to see what all the hub-bub is about with this elimination diet thing

Launches April 1st, 2022

Complete it before Memorial Day...and be ready to walk your patients through just in time for summer.

What's included:

  • Pre-program guidance &  preparation materials

  • Individual dietary transition instructions for the full 45-day elimination phase including the optional 2-week detox 

Healthy Food
  • Step-by-step food reintroduction plan with BONUS Food Reintroduction Response Chart

  • Detailed patient/client implementation guide

  • Sample patient check-in surveys

  • Never seen before patient handouts and PDFs

  • Approved Food List

  • 2 Full weeks of Sample Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping lists

  • Everything you need to run your patients through the Easiest Elimination Diet


    • Fermented Foods How-to

    • Juicing Recipes

    • Starter Plan for Exercise

    • Food Reintroduction Response Chart​


This is a digital course with downloads for your practice.

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