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The Course

This course is for you if:

  • You have considered putting your patients on an elimination diet to discover root cause, but aren't certain how to go about doing it.

  • You want to implement a nutrition program to your practice to command $$$ and increase profit.

  • You are interested in expanding your nutrition repertoire.

What's included:

  • Pre-program guidance &  preparation materials

  • Individual dietary transition instructions for the full 45-day elimination phase including the optional 2-week detox 

Healthy Food
  • Step-by-step food reintroduction plan with BONUS Food Reintroduction Response Chart

  • Detailed patient/client implementation guide

  • Sample patient check-in surveys

  • Never seen before patient handouts and PDFs

  • Approved Food List

  • 2 Full weeks of Sample Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping lists

  • Everything you need to run your patients through the Easiest Elimination Diet


    • Fermented Foods How-to

    • Juicing Recipes

    • Starter Plan for Exercise

    • Food Reintroduction Response Chart​

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This is a digital course with hundreds of pages of content for your practice.

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