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Better Health Through
Better Living

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Doctor and Patient

Doctor appointments got you down?

Break free from the broken healthcare system

A pill for every ill.

It is time to say goodbye to seeing your doctor just to leave with a prescription for a new medication putting a bandaid on the symptoms.

Blood pressure medicine making you cough? Have a cough suppressant. Cough med making you tired? Take a stimulant.

It's not normal to feel worse just because you're getting wiser.

Being blessed with another birthday doesn't mean you have to struggle with weight gain and aches.

Now is the time to live as you have always dreamed!

Innovate Wellness is your partner for achieving optimal health.

The Investment that pays the most dividends?
Your Health.

  • Are you tired of living life on the sidelines?                                                    

  • Are you gaining weight each passing year?                                                                      

  • Do you look and feel older than you think you should?                                                         

  • Sick of taking so many medications?               

  • Wake up tired and achy many days per week?

Learn how to reclaim your vitality

Family Soccer

Our Programs Can Work For You

Percent of people find... and much more


Experience Increase in Energy Levels


Experience Improved Mental Wellbeing


Enjoy Better Overall Health


Get Better Sleep


Experience a Reduction in Pain

Enjoy your next chapter.

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Meet the Chief Innovator

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Dr. Jill White has been helping people through wellness education for over a decade. Innovate Wellness is the culmination of her pursuits, marrying Dr. Jill's love of health and wellness with her passion for mentoring and coaching. Coined a "blood work detective", she finds hidden triggers and suboptimal levels to help people feel the best they have in years.

As a former military officer, Dr. Jill has provided clinical care for hundreds of our nation's finest, and is excited to bring this cutting edge approach to wellness, weight loss, and longevity to all.


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