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Wellness education for all, because everyone deserves to be well.

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Discover how easily you can implement functional wellness -- whether through blood work, OAT test or via nutrition.

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Take charge of your own health and learn how easy and affordable functional health can be.

What People Are Saying...

Caroline G., Dietician

I love how easy you are making this course and videos. I'm following along with my labs and my daughter's labs. Knowing both of our medical history along w/ watching and learning from you, it is spot on! I've done heavy metal tests, and other expensive labs that are giving me the same info as what you are explaining - I love it.

Colby B., Nutritionist

Hey!! I just want to say I have loved this lab class and I am feeling so much more comfortable as I start my journey into functional medicine.

Marisa J., Nurse Practitioner

I ABSOLUTELY love the course so far! I didn't want to stop absorbing the information but unfortunately we have to sleep. So I slept on it for my brain to process... I love the bite sizes of information for better retention. The information is organized...the layout is simple and not overwhelming...I love the insights.

Our Programs Work

Percent of clients find...


Experience Increase in Energy Levels


Improved Mental Wellbeing


Enjoy Better Overall Health


Get Better Sleep


Experience a Reduction in Pain

Hi, I'm Dr. Jill

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And I'm here to help you navigate online functional medicine curriculum in a way that is approachable and understandable.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, a person struggling with your health, or a parent looking for quality health curriculum -- we have the perfect option for you.

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