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After graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and years of seeing patients come into the pharmacy sicker and on more medications, Dr. Jill White's desire to practice in the health and wellness field and truly help people live better and be healthier called her to begin the Masters of Science Nutrition program at her alma mater.  After only a semester she realized that what was being taught in universities was virtually archaic and that the degree would not be worth the paper it was printed on.


A year passed and during this time she watched her dad battle and succumb to cancer while letting her health slip too while caring for him. His passing was her wake-up call -- she changed her life, got back on track, and even more so learned the dangers of our environment and toxins. It was then Dr. Jill started wellness coaching to help clients understand the many dimensions of health and the dangers of chemicals and other toxins.


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After some time in practice as Innovate Wellness she discovered two problems. First, a hole in the clinical education market for easy to understand and implement functional wellness for busy practitioners. And secondly, the even bigger problem of client or patient access issues due to wellness program costs.


These realizations coupled with her love of training and learning gave way to the online wellness, clinical and homeschool education programs (coming soon) that you see today.

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