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If we have learned anything since the dawn of this new decade it is that we can survive and thrive without commuting for hours and endless waiting.

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The best part is that distance is no longer an obstacle and we can partner together anywhere in the US, though our OKC family still have a special place in our heart.


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More About Dr. Jill

After graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and years of seeing patients come into the pharmacy sicker and on more medications, Dr. Jill White's desire to practice in the health and wellness field and truly help people live better and be healthier called her to begin the Masters of Science Nutrition program at her alma mater.  After only a semester she realized that what was being taught in universities was virtually archaic and that the degree would not be worth the paper it was printed on.


A year passed and during this time she watched her dad battle and succumb to cancer while letting her health slip too while caring for him. His passing was her wake-up call -- she changed her life, got back on track, and even more so learned the dangers of our environment and toxins. It was then Dr. Jill started wellness coaching to help clients understand the many dimensions of health and the dangers of chemicals and other toxins.



Fast forward a decade and years of practice and mentoring she found a holistic nutrition program at American College of Healthcare Sciences where she continues her master's studies. In addition to formal education, Dr. Jill is also a member of the world renowned Institute for Functional Medicine.

Her passion for mindset was cultivated over her years of military service as a pharmacy officer and furthered by her curiosity for learning and the human mind. 

She resides in OKC with her husband and her youngest 2 children while her oldest relocated to Dallas after college last year.  A recent highlight was she and her husband climbed their first glaciated mountain in 2020 and hope to do it again soon.

Hiking in Wichita Mountain Area (middle son in the background)

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Meet The Team

Arkavius W.

Certified Detox Specialist,

Wellness Director

A former Air Force pharmacy technician for the 72 MDG, Arkavius has over 20 years of professional and personal health & fitness experience. He advocates wellness for everyone regardless of background or gender!

team (1).png

Heather R.


CLient Coordinator

With over a decade of experience in women's health, Heather loves helping others find their potential and seeing them through their journey. She loves to run and has completed many half and full marathons!


Program Support Team

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Ky C.


Program Manager

jayme coach_edited.png

Jayme B.

Certified Functional Medicine

Health Coach

team (3)_edited_edited.jpg

Madison R.

Certified FDN Practitioner,

& Health Coach