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Health & Wellness Homeschool Courses

Our health courses are taught by a licensed pharmacist and fellow homeschool mama.


Provide your children with the finest in health and functional health curriculum in the comfort of your own home and at your timing and pace with our online health courses.


Intro to Health - Enroll now for 1/3/24 release

Ages 8-11

One semester, two weekly lessons for 12 weeks with video, written lesson & worksheet, plus additional activities

Tuition: $55 (covers all the children in the family)

Discover the Scope and Sequence here.

Enroll in the course HERE.


Functional Health - COMING SOON

Ages 12+ (adults even like this one)

One semester, 12 weekly lessons including an ongoing Capstone Case Study project


Parent-graded Tuition: $90 (covers all family members)

Instructor-graded Tuition: $180 (per student)

Discover the Scope and Sequence here.

More about the courses:

We offer 2 health courses that you can start and finish at any time of the year. They are both taught by a licensed pharmacist and don’t duplicate other than basic nutrition principles. Your children may take both at different times but please note approximate age levels.


Our online courses are considered one semester classes that include once weekly asynchronous class time with Dr. Jill (they are 30-40 minutes each; you can watch and play/pause any time during the week that is convenient for you), additional videos or lectures and outside of class activities which will take an additional 30-40 minutes. You have 1 year access to the course once enrolled.


Note that our activities don’t require you to gather special supplies (we don’t want to add more work to your day!). They are designed to be accomplished with supplies from around the house – and most times nothing extra is required at all!

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