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This is a one-time fee required for initial set-up.


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EED White-Label Set-Up Fee

  • Forward this order receipt to with the following information:

    • The practice or business name you want on the opt-in page and your custom membership site

    • Your logo (will be on the opt-in and membership site)

    • 1 team or practitioner photo

    • Specify if you want your logo or the practitioner's photo on the membership site (right side panel).

    • Up to 3 RGB color codes

      • ex. rgb(191, 205, 136)


    Once this information is recieved by us, we will set up your custom opt-in page and exclusive membership site!


    You will recieve the opt-in page website address and the membership site log-in web address (this web address will also be emailed to your clients when they sign up for ease of log in).

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